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There was not much going on in the beginning of 2014. Now there is almost too much going on. We came up with some inspiring song-sketches during the month of May and snowballed it to Goldlack Studios to cut the basics.

Eleven tracks were put to tape within four days. Now waiting for the true suckdom of fall, lyrics will be tailor-made and cut, which means it will then be mixed, produced, smudged, eaten and… expect a release sometime in 2015.

Thank you Travelling Matt for the tape operation skills and BulBul & Ollmann for the eight track tape machine.

Oh, and we’re playing a show in Graz on the 27th of September!


Status Update

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Not much going on in the maybe camp right now because:

Gregor is releasing a record with Kreisky,

Wolfram and the M185 boys are finishing theirs,

Markus is busy writing songs with DBND,

Stevo has always got something cooking and

Ralph has also got a new record out with ADLL.

But we do plan to record something in 2014, release it and play at least five shows!

You can listen to our stuff on bandcamp or buy it in the Kreisky shop.

Rocketship EP on Bandcamp

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Step 1: Listen to the “Rocketship EP” on now and enjoy

Step 2: Come to one of the shows, buy the 7″ vinyl and enjoy even more


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